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Embrace Henderson is an initiative of local evangelical churches that have a desire to embrace Henderson and Vance County with the love of our Lord Jesus. Embrace Henderson is call to action of the local Body of Christ to engage our community with the Gospel, with the primary purpose being to rescue the souls of men, women, boys and girls who are living in darkness, without a personal relationship with our Savior, the Lord Jesus. Embrace Henderson will seek to develop opportunities for sharing this Good New with our community through the following initiatives:

  • Identifying and targeting specific neighborhoods:
  1. To prayerwalk.
  2. To invite individual people to worship with the evangelical congregation of their choice.
  3. To share the Gospel with individual people as the Lord provides opportunities.
  • To see and celebrate more salvation experiences and more baptisms.
  • To develop/continue developing community ministries targeting specific needs in our community.
  • Developing partnerships between like-minded evangelical churches in our community.
  • Block parties and similar events staged at key locations around our community, in partnership with other cooperating evangelical congregations. These events will be staged at non-church locations.
  • Sports camps to be staged at various cooperating churches, utilizing organized athletic activities for reaching the young people in our community.

For more information contact Kevin Kilgore at (252) 430-4285 or kevin@ncagent.com


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